Where The Reeds Dare - Atipico Trio (Carlo Actis Dato, Piero Ponzo, Sandro Cerino) - Splasch Records


1. Ouverture (Carlo Actis Dato, Sandro Cerino, Piero Ponzo) 00:16
2. Papa polacco (Carlo Actis Dato) 03:30
3. Mikonos (Carlo Actis Dato) 06:27
4. Giù nel profondo (Sandro Cerino) 06:26
5. Mazurka (Carlo Actis Dato) 04:25
6. Gallo disco dance (Carlo Actis Dato) 01:46
7. Fenicotteri A Puah! (Carlo Actis Dato) 06:44
8. April March (Piero Ponzo) 05:46
9. Agri Dagi Moon (Carlo Actis Dato) 08:28
10. A.E.I.O. (Carlo Actis Dato) 07:13
11. Ance i ricci piangono (Carlo Actis Dato, Attilio Zanchi) 01:11

Weight 100 g
Album: Where The Reeds Dare - Artist: Atipico Trio (Carlo Actis Dato, Piero Ponzo, Sandro Cerino)


Carlo Actis Dato | Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone
Sandro Cerino | Flute, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Piero Ponzo | Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Piccolo Clarinet

Year: 1990
Format: CD
Category: CD Italian Jazz
Splasch code: H 0312.2
Recorded: Recorded on March 2-3, 1990 at the Barigozzi Studio, Milan Italy

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