Sheila’s Back In Town – Sheila Jordan & E.S.P. Trio (feat. Modern Ensemble) – Splasch Records


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1. Art Déco (Don Cherry) 11:01
2. The Bird/Tribute (Sheila Jordan) 02:51
3. Prelude II (George Gershwin) 02:28
4. Someone To Watch Over Me (George Gershwin) 05:29
5. Inch Worm (Frank Loesser) 04:57
6. Look For The Silver Lining (Jerome Kern, B.G. DeSylva) 04:21
7. Sheila’s Blues (Sheila Jordan) 08:13
8. The Water Is Wide (Traditional) 05:52
9. M | a] Morning Song / b] Dat Dere
(a] Sheila Jordan / b] Bobby Timmons, Oscar Brown Jr.) 08:05
10. M | a] I Got Rhythm / b] Rhythm A Ning
(a] George Gershwin / b] Thelonious Monk) 06:41
11. Lazy Afternoon (John La Touche, Jerome Moross) 03:41
12. Where You At (Jack Segal, George Handy) 10:08

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Sheila’s Back In Town

Sheila Jordan & E.S.P. Trio (feat. Modern Ensemble)


E.S.P. Trio
Roberto Cipelli | Piano (Arrangement for Strings on tracks # 4, 8))
Attilio Zanchi | Bass
Gianni Cazzola | Drums

Modern Ensemble Chamber Orchestra (*)
Riccardo Parrucci | C&G Flute (Arrangement for Strings on track # 3)
Gloria Merani | Violin
Alessandro Franconi | Viola
Filippo Burchietti | Cello

Sheyla Jordan | Vocals

Year: 1999
Format: CD
Category: CD World Series
Splasch code: H (WS) 0804.2
Recorded: This album contains a series of recordings made during the Sheila Jordan tour with the Trio ESP from 1 to 21 March 1998. In the Concert produced by the “Progetto Jazz ‘98” Festival in Cremona, Sheila and the E.S.P. Trio are accompanied by the Modern Ensemble Chamber Orchestra. On March 1, at teatro Ponchielli” di Cremona. On March 7, at Rackov Svetozar, Koper Slovenia. On March 10, at Art Blackey Jazz Club, Busto Arsizio (VA) Italy; On March 14, at Teatro Occupato, Bologna Italy; On March 17, at Brass Group Alcamo, Alcamo (TR) Italy. On March 20, at Naima Club, Forlì (FC) Italy; on March 21, at Spazio Musica Ancona, Ancona Italy.