Seven Tales About Standards Vol.2 - Giancarlo Mazzù & Luciano Troja - Splasch Records


1. Bye Bye Blackbird (Ray Henderson, Mort Dixon) 03:14
2. Cheek To Cheek (Irvin Berlin) 03:48
3. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein II) 04:00
4. East Of The Sun [And West Of The Moon] (Brooks Bowman) 03:34
5. Autumn Leaves [Les Feuilles Mortes] (Jacques Prevert, Joseph Kosma) 04:19
6. Everything Happens To Me (Tom Adair, Matt Dennis) 04:44
7. Bye Bye Blackbird [Alternate Take] (Ray Henderson, Mort Dixon) 05:23
8. All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II) 06:16
9. Cheek To Cheek [Alternate Take] (Irvin Berlin) 03:04
10. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise [Alternate Take] (Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein II) 05:17

Weight 100 g
Album: Seven Tales About Standards Vol.2 - Artist: Giancarlo Mazzù & Luciano Troja


Luciano Troja | Piano
Giancarlo Mazzù | Guitar

Year: 2009
Format: CD
Category: CD Italian Jazz
Splasch code: H 1544.2
Recorded: Recorded on October 2, 2008 at Sonoria Studio Rec, Scordia (CT) Italy

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