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1. Gardel [To Walter Thiers] (Enrico Fazio) 14:08
2. Tilt (Enrico Fazio) 04:26
3. Euphoria (Enrico Fazio) 07:35
4. Sing Sing (Enrico Fazio) 07:05
5. Charlie’s Angels | M 14:39
a] Better Git It In Your Soul/Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat (Charles Mingus)
b] II B.S. (Charles Mingus)
c] Charlie’s Angels (Enrico Fazio)
d] Phitecanthropus Erctus/Fables Of Faubus (Charles Mingus)
e] L’età dell’oro (Enrico Fazio)
f] Self-Portrait In 3 Colors/Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat (Charles Mingus)

Weight 100 g
Album: Euphoria - Artist: Enrico Fazio Quintet


Alberto Mandarini | Trumpet
Lauro Rossi | Trombone on track # 5
Carlo Actis Dato | Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Francesco Aroni Vigone | Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Enrico Fazio | Bass, Arranger
Fiorenzo Sordini | Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Marimba
Franca Silveri | Vocal on track # 1

Year: 1991
Format: CD
Category: CD Italian Jazz
Splasch code: H 0327.2
Recorded: Recorded on May 5-6-18, 1990 at the Blue Record Studio, Mondovì (VC) Italy | Track # 5 Recorded live on July 7, 1989 at Sardinia International Jazz Festival, Sant’Anna Arresi (SU), Sardinia Italy

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